Who we are

About us

We are an app development company focused on creating the best news reading experience for our audience.

Our goal

To give readers and publishers the best possible news experience. We do this by using our knowledge of app development, gained over days and nights of slaving over code, screens, and devices. Bringing together publishers and readers, and bringing back the transparency, trust and close connections people need from news sources.
Best of both worlds
A new way for journalists and publications to grow traffic and profit
Built for modern life
News for people who don’t have time to read the news

What we do

We’re all about promoting quality journalism in a way that works for both readers and publishers.
Stories for scanning
Know what’s happening around the world in one sentence.
Platforms for publishing
Create your own news channel right inside Newsreels.
Categories for customizing
Choose what to read and from which source/organization – from large to small
You get expert in-house editors working tirelessly to bring you news from your preferred countries, cities, and places. Real humans dedicated to serving you real news you can trust. This terrific team operates across the world’s time zones, so you stay updated no matter where you are in the world.
You get a news partner which believes in supporting smaller publications. That means giving you a platform to share great journalism to wider audiences – and earn your fair share of revenue. Customize your own channel, connect to global audiences, and make your journalism profitable.