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Man looking at camera lens on a workbench with teal lighting.
Close up of an Old Fast Glass lens on a workbench.
A man sits to the left and a woman to the right on a sofa. The woman is reading to the man from a book.
Man working on a Mac Book, seated in front of a graffitied wall. He wears a wide brimmed fedora hat.
Conan O'Brien poses in a dark suit against a rich blue background.
Two men walking through a jet hangar, carrying helmets. There is a movie camera following them on a jib.
Landscape of a rugged, high plains terrain with few green trees and a winding river.
Woman sits as if being interviewed. A blurred home office is in the background.
Person filming man unloading an SUV out of the back. They are in a grassy plain with mountains in the background.
Creative office space at Malka. Work stations and people to the left, reception desk to the right.
A dark green Ford Bronco splashes through a mud puddle on a dirt road in the forest.
A person wearing a helmet with full face shield appears to be levitating eight inches off the ground in a brightly lit parking garage.
Close up of an industrial sewing machine stitching leather detail.
Man wearing baseball cap and glasses talking and gesticulating
A scene from the movie The Green Knight shows actor Dev Patel, as Sir Gawain, holding up a broad axe and shouting.
An Embraer Phenom 300 jet soars above a fluffy bank of clouds against a pale pink evening sky.
A person is spray painting on a brick wall. They are wearing a white hoodie with Vice Land on it.
Scene from the movie The Green Knight. Person going up external, stone steps into a castle.
Classroom full of young women in jerseys with soccer balls.
Woman being interview behind the scenes on set.
Close up of actor Ralph Ineson portraying The Green Knight.
Man looking at camera lens on a workbench with teal lighting.
Close up of an Old Fast Glass lens on a workbench.
A man sits to the left and a woman to the right on a sofa. The woman is reading to the man from a book.
Man working on a Mac Book, seated in front of a graffitied wall. He wears a wide brimmed fedora hat.

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Earn a fixed rate of $0.10 RPM, maximizing your income potential for every thousand views your content receives on our platform.

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Frequently asked questions

The dashboard to track views and revenue will be available in June.

Monetization will start the moment your social media channels are linked and approved by our team on the newsreels platform. Click here to join the publisher network.

Yes, the moment your account is created, it will start generating views from our users, which are all tracked and accessible via the dashboard soon.

We are currently in the beta phase, constantly improving the product and content experience. Please join our beta.

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The official launch of Newsreels is scheduled to be in June.

If you are a content creator creating news, informational, educational or fact based content, you could simply “join the publisher network” and allow us to link your channel, enabling the app to have a better experience.

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